Indulge in the fusion of fine dining and ambiance. Our gourmet Japanese dishes, made in-house with unique flair, offer a premium dining experience

To Arrive

To Start (Cold)

  • Yum Prawn Tomato $20

    Fresh prawn and tomato salad with yuzu citrus vinegar dressing.

  • Wagyu Beef Tataki
    Wagyu Beef Tataki $22

    Sliced M9 + wagyu beef with special szechuan sauce.

  • Assorted Sashimi (9pcs)
    Assorted Sashimi (9pcs) $28

    Sashimi grade tuna. salmon, kingfish.

  • Salmon Sashimi Ramen
    Salmon Sashimi Ramen $22

    Raw salmon in noodle shape with soy dipping sauce.

  • Pacific Osyters (1/2 Doz)
    Pacific Osyters (1/2 Doz) $30

    Fresh oysters with gin and yuzu dressing.

  • Kingfish Ceviche
    Kingfish Ceviche $26

    Sliced fresh raw kingfish with Thai basil dressing

To Start (Hot)

  • Emerald & White Jade Soup $6

    Thickened soup with soft tofu. fresh spinach and wispy egg white.

  • West Lake Beef Soup $7

    Thickened soup with minced beef. soft tofu and wispy egg white.

  • Sichuan Spicy Wonton (6pcs)
    Sichuan Spicy Wonton (6pcs) $15

    Prawn & pork wontons with Sichuan red chilli oil

  • Gua Bao (2pcs)
    Gua Bao (2pcs) $15

    Steamed black bun with BBQ pork, kale. wasabi mustand sauce.

  • Pot Stickers (6pcs) $16

    Home made pan fried pork dumplings.

  • Xiao Long Bao (6pcs) $18 / $20

    Shanghai pork bun/with curry laksa soup.

To Follow

  • Typhoon Shelter Eggplant
    Typhoon Shelter Eggplant $26

    Deep fried eggplant with Hong Kong typhoon shelter

  • Fire Angus Beef Ribs
    Fire Angus Beef Ribs $58

    48 hours slow cooked melt-in-the-mouth black angus beef ribs.

  • Steamed Cod
    Steamed Cod $45

    Beautiful cod fillet, with silky. tender. juicy taste

  • Little Hong Kong Char Siu
    Little Hong Kong Char Siu $33

    Hong Kong style barbecue pork neck with balsamic crema

  • Chinese Broccoli $24

    Steaming Chinese broccoli with ginger oyster sauce.

  • Black Truffle Mixed Green $28

    Stir-fry seasonal vegetables with garlic and black truffle.

  • Panko Beef Wellington (250g)
    Panko Beef Wellington (250g) $38

    M9 + wagyu beef wellington coated in crispy panko crumbs.

Extra Savoury

  • Golden Skin Chicken With Noodle
    Golden Skin Chicken With Noodle $28

    Golden skin chicken noodle with garilc & soy sauce.

  • Traditional Claypot Rice
    Traditional Claypot Rice $45

    Claypot rice with garlic sausage and foie gras

  • Crispy Flat Rice Noodle
    Crispy Flat Rice Noodle $29

    Wok-fried rice noodle, sliced wagyu beef. Sichuan pepper. sun-dried chili. chili oil.

  • Fried Rice $19

    Stir-fried rice with egg. BBQ pork, rice crispy, pickled ginger and spring onions

  • Steamed Rice
    Steamed Rice $5


  • Sticky Date Pudding $12
  • Oolong Panna Cotta
    Oolong Panna Cotta $12
  • Molten Lava Cake $12
  • Premium New York Baked Cheese Cake $12

Mr.Tam's Signature 9 Course

  • $69

    West Lake Beef Soup
    Prawn Tomato Yum
    Wagyu Beef Tataki
    Sichuan Spicy Wonton
    Perilla Leaf Chicken
    Golden Sand Prawn Toast

  • Choice of Main Course

    A. Little Hong Kong Char Siu
    B. Steamed Cod
    C. Fire Angus Beef Ribs + $10

    Fried Rice/Steamed Rice

  • Choice of Sweet

    A. Oolong Panna Cotta
    B. Cheese Cake

Vegetarian Tasting Menu

  • $59

    Emerald & White Jade Soup
    Golden Silky Bricks
    Purple Bounce Ball
    Vegetarian Roll

  • Main

    Typhoon Shelter Eggplant
    Vegetarian Fried Rice/Steamed Rice

  • Choice of Sweet

    A. Oolong Panna Cotta
    B. Cheese Cake